Sunday, June 08, 2014

Let Me Pray About It

Did you know that we Christians have a code language? We do. Our code language is pretty 
common. But it’s largely unnoticed.

How many times have you asked a fellow believer for a favor or solicited their help in aiding another person and their response was: “Let me pray about it”? Let me say at the outset that there’s absolutely no problem with those five little words—at least, on the surface. And there’s no problem with bringing an issue to the Lord and consulting His mind about it. In fact, it’s quite commendable.

Yet how many times have you heard these words—”Let me pray about it”—and then discovered that the person who uttered them never got back to you or they ended up turning down your request?

As I think back on the numerous times I’ve heard my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ say those words (either to me or to others), the answer invariably ended up being “No.” I can think of only a few exceptions.

In short, “Let me pray about it” is Christian code language for “No.”

From Revise Us Again by Frank Viola, author